Friday, 7 December 2012

Monday: Josephine's Last FHE!

Monday was a lovely day! I went out & about & did some Christmas shopping, then in the evening we had FHE. Josephine made (amazing, delicious) Indian food and we made a craft: advent wreaths. It was a fabulous evening!

Still a bit snowy on Monday morning.

Looking down towards the Kelvin.

The Kelvin.

Josephine's Christmas tree!

Getting ready for our Christmassy, Indian dinner!

Josephine explaining her dishes.

I love the paper hats in Christmas crackers!

Elder Whitney.

Quite a crowd!

Pulling crackers!

Lars & Spring. Aw, they're so cute!

Rachel's advent wreath.

My advent wreath.

Mercy's advent wreath.

Lars's Christmas ornament. He liked the creepy clown!

Josephine and me in our Christmas hats!


  1. I LOVE the pictures of outside!!! Glasgow is GORGEOUS!!!

  2. Ooh, the Indian food looks so yummy!! Quite a party there!