Saturday, 22 February 2014

Just being together

This is my last in Utah post - then I'll go on to Glaswegian stuff again! Can't believe I'm three months behind still. In my defence, I have had classes and stuff keeping me busy!

I think I've mentioned this in recent posts, but it was so nice to be with everyone again. Just being together was such a sweet experience for me, and I appreciated the time I had to do that before going back to Glasgow.

Katie & I watching one of our favourite BBC films: "Our Mutual Friend". Bliss!

Heather, Morag, Hermione & me.

Hanging out at Jared & April's. Katie was doing everyone's hair. 

Jared & mother talking about deep things, no doubt!

Katie braiding Lexi's hair.

Heather's hair. That is some fancy braiding!

Near the end of my trip we went to see Jennie & her new dog - a lovely Scottish deer hound! 

Katie basking in the sun with Nevis, the new pooch!

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