Monday, 24 June 2013

Special Temple Trip

At the very end of May/ beginning of June, I went on a YSA temple trip. It was kind of a special trip for a few reasons ( one perhaps being that it will be my last temple trip as a YSA, as I turn 31 in August, and I won't be a *young* single adult, I'll just be a single adult!). What made it so important is that my friend Mercy was going through for her endowments, and I was going as her escort! I was greatly honoured that she had chosen me. Later in the day we went again while a friend of ours went through in preparation for her mission. It was a lovely weekend all round. 

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Pollock House & The Burrell Collection

A few weeks back Rachel & I met up with our friend Nothando to go visit Pollock House & the Burrell Collection, which are right outside Glasgow. I've heard about these places (and indeed, have seen the outside of Pollock House with my archaeology group several months back), but haven't ever visited them. They were magnificent!

The gardens around the house.

Lions on guard.

Standing before the grand house. 

Doesn't it look like something from "Pride & Prejudice"?

Detail, below the front steps.

In the beautiful grounds.

Walking towards the Burrell Collection.

They had excellent examples of embroidery. Here is a lovely 16th century blackwork cap.

Rachel & Nothando admiring the embroidery.


Look at the detail!

Wee carved ivory pictures are very nice too.

I have a reproduction (done in wax) that is very similar to this.

More embroidery!

Can you see the figures in the middle? Interesting stuff!

Guess what this is? A Wassailing bowl!!!

And another one!