Sunday, 17 February 2013

Shonaidh & Alice: Part Two AND snow!

When I set off for work early Wednesday I noticed that it was snowing pretty heavily, so turned around - while still in the stairwell, and went back inside the flat & put my wellies on. I also grabbed my iPod (which I never usually take to work) so I could get pictures in the morning. Here are a few:

Mine were the first footprints, and the roads were virtually empty!

My local post box.

Up on the roof terrace at the chip. 

Wednesday continued to be an exciting day. After work & uni, we all met up. Our day together began well with lunch at Ashoka, a delicious Indian restaurant. The decor was not as fantastic as the Thai restaurant we'd visited the day before, but the food was just as good. Shonaidh's friend Lorena joined us for the day as well, which was very nice.

After lunch, we went to the Botanic Gardens. I'd told Alice we'd do a photo-shoot while she was here, and we thought the Botanic Gardens a good spot for it. These aren't all the photos I took, just a selection of them. As it had started raining, we stayed inside the Kibble palace, and the other large greenhouse.

Some few wee snowmen.

Approaching Kibble Palace..
Alice and some giant, exotic plants.


Friday, 15 February 2013

Shonaidh & Alice: Part one

Late on Saturday night, Rachel's mother Shonaidh and her sister Alice came to visit for the week. It was so nice to have them, I felt like Rachel & I were on holiday too (which is always a nice feeling to have, especially when you're not on holiday).

Shonaidh very kindly treated us to lunch a couple of times, and she was very nice about doing the washing up after dinner as well, which I really appreciated. And both she and Alice were excellent company.

I made some (American) biscuits. When Shonaidh & Alice arrived on Saturday, they were a bit peckish, so tried some (though they were dubious about them). 

They came bearing gifts for Rachel - as it had just been her birthday. When Rachel picked this up, she said (of the tag), "Is that a headless robin?!"

Les Mis poster (oddly enough, in German!)


Inside Chaophyra, the fancy Thai restaurant we went to on Tuesday.

It had been a music-related building before, as Beethoven was there, glowering at all the elephants.

We played the "Apostasy" game! Yay! I love it! 

Street performer.

Rainbow cake at YW! 

I was glad that Alice came along to YW with me. 

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Rachel's Birthday!

Yesterday was Rachel's 22nd birthday. After morning classes for both of us, we decided to wander down Byres Road to see if any restaurant's caught our eye as a suitable place for lunch. At the very bottom of the road, we decided on Assaggini (an offshoot of Tony Macaroni's). They have three courses for £10, which seemed like a good deal. The food was really nice, though the restaurant itself was unfortunately a bit chilly. 

Dessert spoons & black napkins!

Chocolate pudding and ice cream.

After lunch, we went back to the flat. Rachel made some coconut meringue bars (to use on Thursday), and then (much to my delight) we watched an episode of Larkrise to Candleford! After this, Rachel called her family on Skype & tried on her new clothes from Alice & James. Then we got ready for company: Dovile & Spring.

Rachel trying on her awesome moustache shirt!
Dovile brought Rachel a bouquet of flowers!

Rachel's cake.

Dovile being crazy!

Spring & Dovile