Sunday, 3 August 2014

North Berwick: Tantallon Castle

When my niece Katie visited me in the winter of 2011, she found & chose a castle to visit: Tantallon Castle. I had never heard of it before and was glad to visit it. We had a devilishly hard time getting out to it - there were no busses (or none we could sort out, anyway), so we walked, and eventually reached the castle, not long before closing time. For a more detailed account of that trip see these posts:


So, Heather and I thought we'd have a much better time of it, it being the summer and all.
But no!
The busses to the castle ran very infrequently. We decided to have lunch first, and then we called a taxi to take us to the castle. AND IT NEVER CAME! By this time, we were able to make one of the infrequent busses, and thus finally reach the castle! They don't make it easy on you!

Walking along the beach in North Berwick

Eating outside!

Inside a wee chapel

Tantallon Castle!

A view of Bass Rock

Heather looking cool in her shades! 


  1. this is an exciting post. Grateful for the abundance of shots, and glad to have Heather in many of them. Keep these coming!

  2. Love these pics! That's so funny how hard it was to get there, twice.