Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Katie's 18th Birthday! (part one!)

What a marvellous thing that I was in Utah for Katie's birthday (I left just before Dylan's, sadly). I spent so much time with my family in New York, and lived with them for five years, so it was a real blessing to be able to be with them and celebrate Katie's birthday.

We drove up into the mountains and wandered about a bit. Katie brought her guitar, and serenaded us up at Sundance. She even took it into the shop with her and the girls behind the desk insisted that she sing something, which she did!


Turkey tracks.

Brrr! A bit chilly!

Katie attempting a snow angel. I love how her hair fanned out.

Katie the troubadour.



A solitary Heather.

A contemplative Dylan.

A CRAZY Katie - walking out to the statue in the COLD water! 

One of our favourite stories to tell about Katie is when Heather was visiting Utah with Dylan & Katie. We went up into the mountains - to South Fork Park (my personal favourite). There was a log which had fallen across the river, and Dylan (who was, I think, about nine or ten years old) timidly walked out onto the log. When he came back, he advised Katie not to follow his example, as it was dangerous. Katie then proceeded to run out onto the log - not once but twice! When she returned, she exclaimed, "That was too easy!". This photo is from that time. I thought it would be nice to include a sort-of "then & now" photo of Heather, Dylan & Katie.

I have more pictures from Katie's birthday, but I'll do a 'part two' post soon!

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Hanging out, Provo Temple & Reagan's Birthday!

Even though I was in Utah for a sad reason, it was still so wonderful to see all my family after so many years. It was great to go hang out at Jennie's grand new house for Reagan's birthday. I don't know Jennie's kids as well as some of my other nieces & nephews, but they are great people and I hope in the future to know them better.


Freshly applied henna, compliments of Katie.

This is old news now, as the work on this has progressed much further than when I was in Provo, but it was exciting to see them working on the tabernacle to temple transformation.

Ooh! Lovely henna! Thanks, Katie.

A bee on my wrist too!

Reagan's birthday! The Mickey Mouse was a stand-in for Jesse who is on his mission now. 

Wee Astrid, my niece Afton's little girl.

Friday, 17 January 2014

The Domestic Architecture of Provo

Provo is rich in possessing many charming bungalows, fine examples of Arts & Crafts houses, and other fine architecture. One of my greatest joys growing up was walking around the side streets of Provo admiring the lovely houses. My sister Heather & I went for a walk and I stopped to take some pictures of these beautiful homes.

The beauty that is Klinker Bricks. Partially vitrified bricks. I love the strange, grotesque shapes they burn into. 

This is the wall that runs around...

This! Isn't it gorgeous? Sigh. I find Craftsman houses to be irresistible.

The window looking out onto the porch.

A glimpse of more Klinker bricks and the front door. 

This home has been turned into flats. It was so strange to be able to just walk right in! That wouldn't happen in Glasgow!

Upstairs. And LOOK at that stained glass in the stairwell.

I'm not sure what architectural style this is, but I love this crazy house! 

Sycamore trees on Center Street.

Another beautiful house. Sorry I cut off the roof a bit!

I love this Art Deco house. Every time I see it I expect to see Hercule Poirot paying a visit to solve some mystery! 

Beautiful Craftsman home! This is just across the street from my house.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Hermione and other things

One of the highlights of my trip to Utah was being able to meet my niece Hermione (Morag's little girl). I had seen her on Skype, but not in the flesh, and I fell in love with her! She is a delightful wee thing and it was so wonderful to be able able to spend some time with her.

Hermione snuggling with her mama.

I found this in a photo album Heather made for me years ago. My brother-in-law Michael drew this picture of me. 

Hermione and her aunty Heather.

We all enjoyed listening to Katie sing & play her guitar. I loaded a video of Hermione singing along with Katie which is at the top of the post - I hope it works!

Rotting jack-o-lanterns on top of my dad's Cadillac.

 Something that I miss so much is singing with my family. Growing up, Morag & I would sing songs together,  most notably "Loch Tay Boat Song" and "Once in Royal David's City". One evening we sat around singing and it was such a delight.

Sitting around in the kitchen talking and singing. BLISS!

Morag & Tillie singing "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy".

Hermione trying her best to eat an apple.

Morag and I tried to pose like the picture on the Corries song book. Well, Morag *did* pose, but apparently I failed, and got teased about it quite a bit!