Sunday, 12 January 2014

Hermione and other things

One of the highlights of my trip to Utah was being able to meet my niece Hermione (Morag's little girl). I had seen her on Skype, but not in the flesh, and I fell in love with her! She is a delightful wee thing and it was so wonderful to be able able to spend some time with her.

Hermione snuggling with her mama.

I found this in a photo album Heather made for me years ago. My brother-in-law Michael drew this picture of me. 

Hermione and her aunty Heather.

We all enjoyed listening to Katie sing & play her guitar. I loaded a video of Hermione singing along with Katie which is at the top of the post - I hope it works!

Rotting jack-o-lanterns on top of my dad's Cadillac.

 Something that I miss so much is singing with my family. Growing up, Morag & I would sing songs together,  most notably "Loch Tay Boat Song" and "Once in Royal David's City". One evening we sat around singing and it was such a delight.

Sitting around in the kitchen talking and singing. BLISS!

Morag & Tillie singing "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy".

Hermione trying her best to eat an apple.

Morag and I tried to pose like the picture on the Corries song book. Well, Morag *did* pose, but apparently I failed, and got teased about it quite a bit! 


  1. Great post Mairi! Love and miss you! xo

  2. Priceless photos and memories. And thanks for the little video. One of my favorites in Heather on couch with Hermione. Wish we had a few more of You!