Sunday, 26 January 2014

Hanging out, Provo Temple & Reagan's Birthday!

Even though I was in Utah for a sad reason, it was still so wonderful to see all my family after so many years. It was great to go hang out at Jennie's grand new house for Reagan's birthday. I don't know Jennie's kids as well as some of my other nieces & nephews, but they are great people and I hope in the future to know them better.


Freshly applied henna, compliments of Katie.

This is old news now, as the work on this has progressed much further than when I was in Provo, but it was exciting to see them working on the tabernacle to temple transformation.

Ooh! Lovely henna! Thanks, Katie.

A bee on my wrist too!

Reagan's birthday! The Mickey Mouse was a stand-in for Jesse who is on his mission now. 

Wee Astrid, my niece Afton's little girl.

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  1. Ooh! I haven't seen pictures of the tabernacle under construction. How exciting!