Friday, 21 December 2012

Ornaments up-close!

So, my mum kept going on about wanting to see more pictures of my tree - in particular my ornaments. I usually DO take such photos, but hadn't really decided to this year. But she seemed so keen on the idea, that I thought I'd oblige. So, my mediocre photographing skills are paired with close-ups of my assortment of baubles (baubles, not ornaments! Everyone calls them baubles over here).

The first year I was here I bought a special bauble for my tree. I thought it would be nice to do so every year. I missed out last year, but here is my new one - hand-made from a girl in my ward. A fat Christmas Robin!

My vintage elf peeking out from the pine boughs.

This was my special bauble from my 1st year. I got the bell, because it was Christmassy, but also because it put me in mind of St Mungo!

My old-fashioned looking Santa head.

Yesterday, Heather's box arrived, looking quite old-fashioned itself! Heath had wrapped it in brown paper, and the Smithville Flats post-mistress put on the half-dozen stamps, as she always does. I LOVE this! 

Ornaments that I'd left in NY: a bagpiper. This one certainly belongs in Scotland! 

The peacock on the left joined the peacock on the right, which I think was a gift from my mum. At first I was thinking, 'Isn't it funny to have peacocks on Xmas trees?' but then I remembered that peacocks were a popular early-Christian symbol for immortality.


  1. Those are so cute!! My favorite is the little peeking gnome. :D

  2. I need a robin bauble! And I didn't know that about the peacock--learned something new today!