Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Leading up to Christmas!

On the Sunday before Christmas, I dressed up quite fancily for Christmas. I also sang a new Christmas song that my mother wrote (and for which Michael Moody wrote the music). The young women & young men did the readings for the Christmas programme, which was really nice.
Outside my flat. My door is the one to the right. Also, I put a garland on the railing - can you see it?

A pot of mulligatawny soup I made! It looks sort-of Christmassy!
On Christmas Eve, the YSA went to the city centre to sing carols. The missionaries always do this every year, but they wanted the YSA to spell them for a little while.

The missionaries singing in the very posh shopping centre Princes Square.

Then, later on Christmas eve, we had a nice dinner. We had two sets of elders, the Whitney's, Spring & Lars, and Mercy with two or her flatmates.

My centre-piece: candle, jar of swedish fish, Poinsettia & a pitcher of my hand-made eggnog! 

A group picture with everyone at the Christmas feast! 

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  1. I love the picture of you outside your flat! And what a jolly group for Christmas Eve!! Looks like a wonderful time!
    Happy Christmas!