Sunday, 23 December 2012

Glasgow Cathedral & environs at Christmastime

I went into the city centre to run some errands, and thought I'd walk up to the cathedral and see it decked out for Christmas.

The large nativity set.

How have I never noticed this before? Part of a 13th C. shrine base for St Mungo,  possibly housed behind the high alter. 

Also, this was inside the Blacadar Aisle, which I'd never gone inside before.

Looking up from the Blacadar aisle into the rest of the cathedral.

Then I trotted across the street to go visit the Provand's Lordship. I was trying (unsuccessfully) to get a picture of myself in the doorway, all of which are very low.

That's a little better! 

Sitting in the window-seat. The St Mungo Museum can be glimpsed on the other side of the road.

And then, before going home, I took a peek at George Square, bedecked with thousands of lights!

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  1. Cathedrals are just the best!! And thanks for the festive pictures of George Square!