Sunday, 3 November 2013

Bute: part three

Going back to Kilchattan from St Blane's was the biggest part of the journey, though the shortest. The signposts are there, but they are few and far between, and I didn't follow one of them correctly and so got lost. Also, I was lured by a sinister copse of pine trees that I thought was a forrest I had to walk through (on my directions). I crawled under electric fences, climbed over locked gates, and squelched into frighteningly deep gravel that I didn't realise I would sink in. It was a bit frightening. But after getting lost I retraced my steps and got back to Kilchattan safe and sound more or less. 

There was a woman on the bus who asked if I was the girl who went out to St Blane's. She must have talked with the bus driver who took me out to Kilchattan. I got a warm feeling at her words, as though the whole island was looking out for me. 

A signpost!

Gorgeous view - sorry my shadow is in the pic.

My muddy boots!

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  1. A beautiful collection of photos, Mairi. Also, shadows in photos can be a good thing. It's proof you really were there! ;-) (I used to take pictures of my Honda Civic as proof I'd been somewhere.)