Saturday, 23 November 2013

The Halloween Season: parties, Linlithgow, etc.!

I often say that Halloween and Christmas vie for the number one spot in my heart. I do love Christmas, especially the old carols, and candles and (non-alcoholic) lambs wool, cider and eggnogg. However, I think I make more of a fuss over Halloween. And it's no secret that I love skeletons and ghost stories and things that are a bit macabre. I'll try to pare down all my revelling to one post, and I hope it gives you a flavour of the lovely Halloween I had this year.

First of all, I received many gifts, some of which I'll picture below:

My dear friend Stacey gave me the cookie cutters above, and my mother sent me the ones in the box. Lovely!

My talented friend Martha embroidered this Nosferatu ornament for me! AMAZING!

Of course, Halloween wouldn't be Halloween without Patsy's annual Halloween party that she has at the church for her girls and their friends. I think this year Patsy really outdid herself! 

Chocolate covered Oreos and cake pops.

Gorgeous cupcakes topped with white chocolate stars & edible glitter!

Owl bedecked cupcakes. Stunning! 

A feast of Halloween sweets!

Patsy & myself.

Rachel & myself.

On the same day as Patsy's party, Rachel, Jessica Houskeeper & I went to the "Ghosty Linlithgow" tour (as I like to call it). Officially it's called "Fright Night". It has become a tradition: this is the third year in a row that Rachel & I have gone (always accompanied by different people).

This year it was a little different. The bell-ringer guide was different (I think he was, in any case!) - his makeup was much better, and his face looked skeletal, instead of just white. They had a different woman playing Agnes the witch. She was older, blonde (well, a blonde wig in any case!), and more voluptuous and witch-like. Which in some ways was better, but I think I prefer the other girl, who was more vulnerable, and made the sad history of witch-mongering easier to realise.

Fright Night at Linlithgow! 

Rachel & Jessica

Rachel & myself.

The new witch! 

The lighting is very atmospheric!

This is NOT Linlithgow, but a vintage shop on Great Western Road. But I really liked their spooky window display. 

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  1. Ah, Halloween! Those Patsy parties take the cake! And I hope someday I can go to ghosty Linlithgow!