Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Calling Hours and funeral

When I was in New York, I got used to the fact that a viewing prior to a funeral was called "Calling Hours". It stuck, somehow. The day of the calling hours was beautiful - in fact, the whole time I was in Utah the weather was astonishingly lovely. I walked down to the funeral home (why on earth drive?) and was able to watch the mountains glow with the setting sun. There is magic in the way they glow - as though its from the inside out.

The sunset reflected on the mountains.

My dear friend Peter and his wife (from Australia) sent us flowers! 

The display table we arranged. Some awesome pictures of my dad! 

My nephew Dylan and his fiance Natalie.

The next day was the funeral, and it was a beautiful day. The sun was shining - far more than it does in Glasgow, that's for sure! The service at our church was really excellent. My uncle Don, my dad's youngest brother, spoke some beautiful words. The service at the graveside was also really beautiful. Jared my brother played the bagpipes, I sang Gaelic songs and Dylan blessed the grave.

Jared playing the pipes.

We discovered my dad would be in good company - a woman born in Scotland!

Tillie collecting flowers.

Jared, Lexi & April


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