Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Rachel's Birthday!

Yesterday was Rachel's 22nd birthday. After morning classes for both of us, we decided to wander down Byres Road to see if any restaurant's caught our eye as a suitable place for lunch. At the very bottom of the road, we decided on Assaggini (an offshoot of Tony Macaroni's). They have three courses for £10, which seemed like a good deal. The food was really nice, though the restaurant itself was unfortunately a bit chilly. 

Dessert spoons & black napkins!

Chocolate pudding and ice cream.

After lunch, we went back to the flat. Rachel made some coconut meringue bars (to use on Thursday), and then (much to my delight) we watched an episode of Larkrise to Candleford! After this, Rachel called her family on Skype & tried on her new clothes from Alice & James. Then we got ready for company: Dovile & Spring.

Rachel trying on her awesome moustache shirt!
Dovile brought Rachel a bouquet of flowers!

Rachel's cake.

Dovile being crazy!

Spring & Dovile


  1. Happy birthday, Rachel! :) What a sweet idea, giving flowers for a birthday!

  2. The birthday girl is so pretty in these pictures!! Looks like a lovely day!