Friday, 15 February 2013

Shonaidh & Alice: Part one

Late on Saturday night, Rachel's mother Shonaidh and her sister Alice came to visit for the week. It was so nice to have them, I felt like Rachel & I were on holiday too (which is always a nice feeling to have, especially when you're not on holiday).

Shonaidh very kindly treated us to lunch a couple of times, and she was very nice about doing the washing up after dinner as well, which I really appreciated. And both she and Alice were excellent company.

I made some (American) biscuits. When Shonaidh & Alice arrived on Saturday, they were a bit peckish, so tried some (though they were dubious about them). 

They came bearing gifts for Rachel - as it had just been her birthday. When Rachel picked this up, she said (of the tag), "Is that a headless robin?!"

Les Mis poster (oddly enough, in German!)


Inside Chaophyra, the fancy Thai restaurant we went to on Tuesday.

It had been a music-related building before, as Beethoven was there, glowering at all the elephants.

We played the "Apostasy" game! Yay! I love it! 

Street performer.

Rainbow cake at YW! 

I was glad that Alice came along to YW with me. 

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