Monday, 26 August 2013

Glasgow once again!

After my three week field school, it was good to return 'home' to Glasgow. Several things happened, perhaps a couple of the most exciting being the presence of several BYU students studying abroad in Scotland. Rachel, ever sociable, managed to meet up with them fairly often. And Patsy held her famous Patsy dinner at the CHURCH in July so that the BYUers (as I liked to call them) could all make it to the dinner. Yum!

A fountain in Kelvingrove Park, which I haven't really walked around much before.

I love trees.

There are lots of statues in the park.

Patsy dinner - not only at the church, but outside! It was such a warm day. 

Sticky toffee pudding!!!

A beautiful dead magpie at the church.

Beautiful MGs on Woodlands Road.

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  1. How did I miss this post--with all the MGs?!?