Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Scottish outings with Heather!

Heather arrived on the 27th of May, by bus, coming up from London. Unfortunately for her, her bus was over an hour late! Once she arrived in Glasgow, though, I think things got a lot better!

Having dinner & playing Harry Potter Cluedo with Rachel & Carlos

The wee coffee shop next door to my flat

Eating at 'The Chip' - the posh restaurant where I worked for four years (The Ubiquitous Chip).

Pudding at the chip: chocolate cake, crowdie ice cream and other yummies.

One of the things Heather was really looking forward to was a visit to Glasgow Cathedral. This is in the Blacadar Aisle, which features in a lovely medieval murder mystery series that Heather and I have read. I would recommend them! The author is Pat McIntosh, and the first of the mysteries is called "The Harper's Quine".

Of course, just wandering about near Glasgow uni was exciting too.

But nothing can beat the thrill of a Patsy dinner! This was my last - for now at least! - and Heather's first! Lovely!

Heather at Patsy Dinner!

Pecan Pie!

Strawberry milkshake cheesecake!

Malteser cake!

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