Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Bute: part one

I've been to Rothesay, on the Isle of Bute, several times. I've always found it a charming place. It has all the essentials: a ruined castle, a library and a museum. But last Wednesday I took my first foray further afield. I took a bus down to Kilchattan, and from thence walked out to St. Blane's. The bus driver was so friendly, and made sure I got out at the right spot, and warned me about the time of the last bus back in order to catch the ferry.

Well, the walk, I found out later, was only two and a half miles, which is nothing. But the terrain was quite wild in places - it ranged from very rocky to very muddy! I was blessing my sister Jennie for the gift of the wellies I was wearing, as I had mud splashing and sloshing nearly up to my knees (I often sunk in to my ankles, but it splashed higher as well).

I went to Bute to investigate some holy wells (as I'm working on that for my undergrad dissertation).
I fell in love with Bute. What an enchanting island. I'll stop writing and let you see for yourself!

It was beautiful weather, but very windy!

A little cavelet just off the path.

You probably can't tell, but BOY it was windy!


  1. Ah, what a beautiful place!! Did you commune with the sheep? Guess we need to go there when I visit--better get me some wellies, too! (Mine were inadvertently left in NY--so sad!!!)

  2. Ocean! Or, is that just an insanely large lake? Either way, what bucolic landscapes.