Tuesday, 21 May 2013

An air raid shelter in the back garden.

In my defence, for awhile I didn't have anything to post about. Then I got distracted. So I apologise for the erratic way in which I have (not) been keeping up my blog.

A week ago for our Young Women activity we helped Mitch, a lady in the Glasgow Ward clean her house (there is quite a story behind it, it was in quite a state when they bought it, filthy and mouldy and the like, but they persevered & it is lovely now!). We were probably only there for about an hour, and there wasn't that much cleaning to be done, but we had a wonderful time. And at different points we went out to explore the air raid shelter in her back garden.

The door going in.

Venturing in!

Inside the air raid shelter!

Another interior shot.

The shelter itself in the back corner. 

Gate between houses.

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