Monday, 14 January 2013

Late Christmas - how jolly!

So, there were a couple of boxes wending my way that I didn't get till last week. One was because of customs fees which I had to pay, and then they delivered my box to the local postoffice, but the postoffice didn't believe me, and I had to go back a few days later and get it. They still seemed a bit dubious, but at least they handed over the box.

All in all, I have received three late Christmas boxes, all of which were well worth the wait! I had a wee box from Morag (with some lovely Trader Joe's stuff and a couple of lovely hand-made things); a box from my sister Jennie and my niece Afton (Afton had my name in our family Xmas swap thing). That yielded some lovely jewellery, some 1920s style door signs, and a lovely grey sweater. The third box was a NEW iPod that my siblings got for me. I can now take vintage looking pictures! I confess, that's the main reason I wanted one. But I'd hardly had it a half hour when I was convinced of its other charms as well!

The beautifully wrapped gifts from my sister Jennie & my niece Afton!

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