Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Burns Night Ceilidh!

Friday, the 25th of January, marked the anniversary of Robert Burns' birth. And all over Scotland (and probably throughout the world), Scottish folk celebrate the bard with a traditional meal (haggis, neeps & tatties), poems, toasts and the like.

On the 26th I was persuaded to go to a ceilidh up in Dundee. I don't usually travel distances for dances, and I am usually able to fall back on the excuse of having work the next morning. But as I had this week off work, no such crutches were available.

So I went. It was a mixture of modern music (and dancing) and ceilidh dancing. I didn't really participate in the modern stuff, but I'm pretty sure I danced every ceilidh dance!

Before the dance: doing our hair and playing with my camera phone.


Mercy & Ijeoma.

Rachel and Dovile.
Being silly - pretending to fight over some of Ijeoma's Nigerian money.

Mercy & me.

More messing about: Stephen (who gave us a lift) pretending to give us all a rose.

Left to right: Me, Mercy, Ijeoma, Rachel & Dovile.

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  1. So jealous about the ceilidh! It looks like you had a lot of fun. And you look so pretty! I love your dress! I think that photo you have as your facebook profile pic is one of my favorites of you. :-)