Wednesday, 28 November 2012


Rachel & I decided to have a Thanksgiving meal & invite the sisters we visit teach. A couple of them weren't able to come, but we did end up with a nice crowd: Dovile, Marie & Trisha came, and each of them brought something to eat. We didn't attempt a turkey - I didn't have the means or energy for that, but I made a chicken, veggie, stuffing casserole. I think it turned out quite well.

Thanksgivingy centre piece. Everyone enjoyed munching on the candy corn!

Casserole, sweet potatoes, carrots & rolls!

After Marie & Trisha left, I realised that I didn't get a group picture! But Rachel, Dovile & I were having fun drawing portraits on the back of plates.


  1. HAHA, those plate portraits are adorable! And pass the candy corn!

  2. Your meal looks delish! Love the paper plate portraits!