Monday, 26 May 2014

Last full day in Wales

On the day we went back to Glasgow we did visit Conwy Castle. But our last full day was incredible, and possibly my favourite out of all the days we were in Wales. We began with the romantic Dolbadarn Castle, which was painted by Turner, and made famous in the Romantic Era. After this we drove through the Llanberis pass, and I wish I could have taken pictures! It was so beautiful. Huge boulders were strewn on the valley floor, having fallen from the mountains above. We passed an old cottage which had a boulder nearby which was at least the size of the cottage. Incredible!

Approaching the castle.

It was the only chilly day we had on the trip! 

Old graffiti! Do you see the 1927 date in the middle? 

1838 graffiti! 

Our next stop was the Llyn Brenig archaeological trail, which I am skipping in this post in the interest of space. After this we went to Rug Chapel - an unassuming name for a hidden treasure! Built in the 17th century, it was a private chapel, and was built much in the old medieval style. Most medieval chapels, churches and cathedrals today present a denuded, stark face to the public. Rug Chapel lets you imagine what they all looked like in their glory days. STUNNING!

Wooden angels and painted woodwork everywhere!

An interesting wooden chandelier.

These animals and creatures were at the ends of the pews in the chapel.

Our last stop of the day was Valle Crucis Abbey, which was also a delight.

Detail from one of the carved stones.

An earlier grave slab used for this fireplace.

Another stone re-used in a window (see above picture).

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